ForkLog’s Man of the Year: Seven Leaders, Antagonist and King of Dislikes


Seven prominent representatives of the bitcoin industry, whose activities in 2020 pumped up the market, one anti-hero, who sowed chaos, and the dislikes king, who disappointed the community. Let’s meet the winners (and one loser) of ForkLog’s Man of the Year voting.

During the voting, readers could not only cast votes for the favorites, but also dislike ones, disputing the right of a particular nominee for victory. In the category “Antagonist of the Year”, the “ yes “ vote was given to the one who brought the industry and the community the most harm.

We subtracted the dislikes of each candidate from the likes they received during the calculation. A negative result means that the number of dislikes exceeded the number of likes.

Bitcoin (development) — Pieter Wuile

Pieter Wuille


Chaincode Labs staff member and creator of the Segregated Witness protocol, Pieter Wuille, received 214 points. He is currently working on Schnorr and Taproot, bitcoin updates, which have already been included in Bitcoin Core source code. It is thought that its activation will be the most significant event in the development of the protocol after the block size war and the SegWit introduction.

Breakthrough technologies — Alexander Filatov

Alexander Filatov


The co-founder of TON Labs Alexander Filatov stormed into the lead of the rating with 275 points. The launch of Free TON mainnet based on Telegram Open Network protocol was one of the most frequently discussed, albeit controversial events of the second quarter.

The most influential head of the cryptocurrency exchange — Changpeng Zhao

Changpeng Zhao


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao scored 434 points. CZ not only runs the largest trading platform by trading volume, but also actively participates in discussions on the topic of digital assets, which makes him a top newsmaker for specialized media.

Investor of the Year — Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert


The head of the Grayscale Investments Barry Silbert got 160 points. Institutional investment in cryptocurrencies has become a trend in 2020. Silbert’s Bitcoin trust rode the wave and in December he had $13 billion in assets under management.

The most influential representative of DeFi — Hayden Adams

Hayden Adams


Readers gave 160 points to the founder of the Uniswap exchange Hayden Adams, thereby making him the winner. This year, Uniswap became the first DEX to overtake Coinbase in daily trading volume. The project has long led the DeFi Pulse rating, and also conducted a very successful distribution of native UNI tokens.

The most influential analyst — Plan B



A Dutch institutional investor, writing under the pseudonym Plan B, received 238 points. The blogger has created and promotes a Stock-to-Flow model for calculating the scarcity or excess of an asset.

Opinion Leader — Pavel Durov



Readers recognized Pavel Durov as the undisputed opinion leader with 327 points. The unsuccessful launch of Telegram Open Network blockchain platform, the unblocking of Telegram in the Russian Federation and the businessman’s claims to Apple — all that helped him to be in the spotlight.

Antagonist of the Year — Graham Clark

Graham Clark


This title was given to 17-year-old Graham Clark, who hacked the social network Twitter. He scored 64 points. 45 accounts of famous personalities were compromised and bitcoins worth about $120,000 were stolen as a result of the hacker’s activities. He faces up to 200 years in prison in the United States.

King of Dislikes — Arthur Hayes

Arthur Hayes


Despite grants for bitcoin developers, the reputation of the derivatives platform BitMEX and its former CEO Arthur Hayes has suffered significantly this year. The reason for this is criminal charges from the US Department of Justice, a claim from the CFTC and a series of civil lawsuits overseen by attorney Pavel Pogodin.

2021 will show whether Hayes solves these problems, but now he has -89 points.

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Everscale (formerly Free TON)

Everscale (formerly Free TON)

Freedom of speech, information and software. Giving power back to the community. Welcome to the Everscale Network!

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