🗒Free TON Weekly Digest (25.01–30.01)

1. We held a weekly meeting Free TON # 38 in English and discussed the main events:

- RustNet tokens and technical updates;
- Information about TIP 2;
- The second part of the DGO Sub-governance competitions.

2. AMA sessions:

- With the INDACOIN team, a cryptocurrency exchange for exchanging fiat money for cryptocurrency, they prepared a collaboration proposal;

- With the 0xGames team, a game development studio specializing in blockchain-based open economy games, they offer a partnership;

- With the team presenting the “Art Erotic Challenge». A new initiative of the “ProfitArt” company organizing international exhibitions and cultural events, and they offer a partnership;

- With the Lumi crypto wallet team, who prepared an offer

3. A free tool for monitoring the fulfillment of the obligations of partners and contestants has been developed. Chat for testing here.

4. SMM Contest for writing articles in English for Hakernoon with a mention of Free TON starts on February 1st.

5. Results of the contest: Crowdsource Voting Audit Solutions for Latin American Elections

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Free TON is a decentralized blockchain network that was ​launched by a community of developers and validators on May 7, 2020.

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