How to buy Everscale [EVER]?

3 min readNov 15, 2021

Decentralized community — a first-of-its-kind blockchain that guided us through a social experiment to build a movement for freedom and data privacy that we all so dearly yearned for…

Now comes Everscale🥳

Everscale and its token, the EVER, have been created for everyone to use as a basis for building and sustaining a decentralized economy!

Blockchain name: Everscale

Ticker: EVER

Here’s how you get EVER tokens and here’s what you need to know about each resource.

Centralized exchanges: — EVER/USDT —EVER/USDT, EVER/USD, EVER/BTC (KYC required) — EVER/USDT (No KYC) — EVER/BTC, EVER/USDT (KYC required) (Android/iOS) — EVER/USDT, EVER/USD (KYC required) — EVER/USDT (KYC required if you buy more than 0.06 BTC worth of EVER) (Android/iOS) — EVER/BTC (KYC required) — EVER/USD, EVER/USDT (KYC required) (Android/iOS) — EVER/USD (KYC needed) (Android/iOS) — EVER/USDT (KYC needed) — EVER/BTC (No KYC) — EVER/BTC (KYC required for Korean citizens only) — EVER/BTC, EVER/USDT — EVER/USDT


• — EVER/BTC, EVER/RUB (KYC required for $1000 equivalent or more)

👉Full instruction how to buy EVER on centralized exchanges👈

🛠DeFi platforms

For more advanced users, an innovative range of DeFi products are available:

Surf Staking — Stake EVER (TON) and get staking rewards

👉Full instruction how to buy EVER on centralized exchanges👈

🤖Bots in Telegram

Those who prefer Telegram based bots can choose:

• @Buytip3_bot — P2P Platform for buying EVER (TON)

👉Full instruction how to buy EVER on centralized exchanges👈


Or, you can use any of the following web providers to buy and store EVER

• Surf — wallet where you can buy EVER via a bank card (UK, US cards are not allowed) — Farming, swap, builder (UK, US cards are not allowed) — Farming, swap, builder — Farming, swap, builder — Buy, fiat gateaway.

Lumi Wallet — Buy and store.

Freewallet — Staking, store, buy

👉Full instruction how to buy EVER on centralized exchanges👈

For any questions, please visit our Discord or Telegram chat and we will help you🙌


Everscale is a new and unique blockchain design that proposes a scalable decentralized world computer, paired with a distributed operating system.

Everscale is based on a platform called Ever OS, capable of processing millions of transactions per second, with Turing-complete smart contracts and decentralized user interfaces.

Everscale presents some new and unique properties, such as dynamic multithreading, soft majority consensus and distributed programming, which enable it to be scalable, fast and secure at the same time. It is governed by a decentralized community founded upon meritocratic principles via Soft Majority Voting protocol.

Everscale has powerful developer tools, such as compilers for Solidity and C++, sdk and api, client libraries ported to more than 20 languages and platforms, a range of decentralized browsers and wallets empowering many applications in DeFi, NFT, tokenization and governance domains.




Freedom of speech, information and software. Giving power back to the community. Welcome to the Everscale Network!