Structure of the Free TON ecosystem

For user

Telegram-chats and channels

For developers

Telegram-chats and channels

  • TON SDK โ€” chat for Dapps developers and TON-SDK users
  • TON. Dev_En โ€” developer community
  • TON. Dev_ENG โ€” information channel for developers
  • TON Labs โ€” information channel of the TON Labs team

For validators

Telegram-chats and channels

Other media

Local community

TON Surf

Buy/sell a TON of Crystals

  • Chatex โ€” TON Crystals exchange bot for crypto and fiat
  • FreeTON_OTC โ€” OTC group for buying/selling TON Crystals tokens
  • FreeTON p2p Exchange โ€” OTC group for buy/sell TON Crystals network tokens

Services for TON Crystals

  • FreeTON2Mobile โ€” for topping up your mobile phone balance in Russia and Kazakhstan with TON Crystals


  • Pokerton โ€” play poker for network coins directly in Telegram.
  • Pokerton โ™  this is News โ€” information channel games, poker strategy, tournament announcements and competitions



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